Terri Broll

Terri Broll holds a Masters Degree in Fine Art and a Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology - an interesting mix to say the least!
Perhaps because of these two passions, Broll has an insightful and avid interest in both figuration and abstraction which is evident in the art she creates.

This professional artist's preferred medium is oil and wax, the wax giving the work an ambiguous texture that suggests images that are both disturbing and humorous.
Her work has a quality of image that seduces the viewer into a realm that is familiar but not consciously thought about. It is this combination that creates a relationship with the viewer and the artwork that is ongoing and open ended. The final image of each work is the product of a process where the initial subject is continually lost in the intuitive connection between artist and canvas.

Broll's work has been exhibited widely, her last being at the Irma Stern Museum in CapeTown. Her work features in the collection of the Tatham Art Gallery and the Carnegie Art Gallery and she has works in personal collections as far the the United States and Poland.









 Cat's Paw

 Hard Copies

 Off Stage

 Kadish Book

 Night Train

 Over There Man



 Paschendale Pieta


 Patient Men


Silver Man


Uncle Tom



Wine pic

Sunday Lunch

Dressing Down

Lost in Italy