Nicolaas Roos

Nico started painting twelve years ago, after experiencing severe signs of job burnout due to him running a psychiatric unit for many years. He sold most of his work through Isabel’s gallery in Stellenbosch, mostly to tourists and on the internet. The past five years he exhibits at the Imbizo Gallery in Ballito.

Artwork reflects much of the artist’s personality, his world view and outlook on life. The same with Nicolaas. Beneath the quiet, introverted, somewhat shy nature is a person with an acute observation on the world around him, forever looking, thinking, analyzing. He has a strong sense of the absurd, surreal, novel and unusual. He likes to read fantasy and The Lord of the Rings is his ultimate favorite book. His world view is somewhat eccentric and he has a laconic, sardonic, dark sense of humor, mostly seeing the funny side of life.

He is knowledgeable about Eastern philosophy with is symbolism, and is attracted by the simplicity of Tantra and Zen. Being highly introspective, he is constantly searching for the “inner light”.  Living “mindfully”, is part of his daily routines and personal rituals.

Nicolaas has good balance between creative right brain and logical left brain function. Although analyzing everything his observation encounters, he is strongly intuitive, sees the Big Picture. Although Thinking is dominant, it is balanced by an intense emotional side. He has a strong melancholic side and becomes deeply moved by classical music. He has made a lifelong study of classical music and the composers.

Being very sensual and tactile, he loves textures and the “feel” of paintings. A somewhat lack of attention to detail is prominent. Therefore he likes to work with large brushes on big canvasses, rather than detailed realism. Realism does not appeal to him, as it is more a reproduction of reality. He prefers to explore his inner experience and create his own reality. He is constantly experimenting with different media and styles, including abstracts, landscapes, wildlife, mono prints and pastels. His favorite medium is oil.  His style is constantly evolving.

Nicolaas is an avid reader on any possible topic, but prefers science, astronomy, geology, and, as an ardent nature lover, he knows the scientific names of hundreds of indigenous trees.




Nico with family: Charlotte, Nicol, Isabel and Ingrid

Nico Roos: History

Born in Welkom on 22.06.1957
Father a Gynaecologist, mother a theatre sister
Matriculated at Goudveld High School, Welkom,in 1974
Craven Week Rugby

University of Free State 1976 – 1978 with Hebrew, Psychology and Philosophy as majors
Played Free State u.20 rugby, Shimlas Rugby

University of Stellenbosch 1979 – 1985
B.Th degree (Theology)
M.TH degree (Masters in Theology)
Masters degree Philosophy
Honours degree Clinical Psychology
Masters degree Clinical Psychology
Internship Tygerberg Hospital
Played rugby for Maties First Team, and Victorians

Worked as Minister of Religion in Cape Town 1983

Private Practice 1986 – 2003:
Bellville, Cape Town, Mitchells Plain
Part time lecturer at University of Stellenbosch (master students)
Supervisor for interns who did internship in his private practice
Lectured at Medical School, University Stellenbosch
Consulted with De Beers, Sasol and other industries

National Health Services London, 2003 – 2004

Author of the following books:

Stress Hanteer dit Self (with Prof A Moller of University of Stellenbosch)
Weduwee Vry om weer te Lewe (Book for Widows)
Praat Daaroor (Book for Women who were abused)
Introvert-Ekstrovert (Book for introverts)
Om ‘n sirkel te voltooi (Book on Spiritual Healing)
Wees ‘n Wenner (Program For Teen agers)

Did numerous talk shows and programs on SABC

Areas of interest:
In private practice you need to do everything, but I especially enjoy working with:
Attention Deficit Disorder with Children
Stress Management and anxiety disorders
Career Counselling
Marital Counselling
Sexual Abuse

Orientation to Therapy
Enjoys hypnosis and “guided imagery therapy”, which has a wide implementation across the medical field.
Did advanced training in Eye Movement Integration, a therapy modality for dealing with trauma.

Scuba diving, fishing, tennis, hiking, golfing, birding, tree hugger, writing and reading, kayaking, classical music.
Married to Isabel, who has a Ph.D Agric in Phytobacteriology. University of Stellenbosch

Three children
Charlotte, medical doctor, specializes in emergency medicine, Groote Schuur Hospital, Cape Town
Ingrid, medical doctor at Stellenbosch Hospital
Nicol, BSc Honours degree Quantity Surveying at University Cape Town , works at Atvantage as quantity surveyor