Meagan Meredith

Meagan Meredith/ Jewellery

I started out with pencils and paint brushes and pursued painting and drawing relentlessly for most of my life, biting the bristle (as I am not the academic sort) to get my Master of Fine Art Degree at Rhodes University in 1990… My education continued to a far greater degree when setting out from my hometown in the Eastern Cape to what seemed a completely different and fascinating world, namely Europe. After submersing myself in every possible cultural and sensual experience I could, I returned home quite a different person.


I realized at this point that I needed to take on the challenge of career and money, and so began my long relationship with jewellery manufacture. Jewellery interested me because it had a functional and technical aspect that I liked.  After an apprenticeship in Cape Town I chose to pursue a more creative angle to jewellery making and set up my small studio at my home in Muizenberg


I have found that with a fine art background my approach to jewellery has gravitated mostly toward sculpturing objects in miniature. This has led to the arena of wax carving. Once carved in wax a piece is then cast into metal by means of a “lost wax” process. The fascination with detail has held my attention from the very beginning of my rendezvous with jewellery making and for the most part I do what I do for the love of wax.



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