Leoni Needham

Leoni Needham's sculpture style is immediately recognizable: simple, accurate, and endearing pieces with exquisite colours.  Needham grew up in the beautiful Lowveld of Mpumlanaga in the creative environment of her mother's pottery studio. She chose the discipline of sculpture at the wise young age of six. She has a degree in Conservation studies and her art is heavily influenced by her love of nature and the outdoors.
Simplicity is what inspires this established sculptor: "to create as much with as little as possible", she says. Leoni's most recent work, exhibited at various galleries including Imbizo, consists of gorgeous cats lounging about on pieces of comfortable furniture, and wild birds in all their forms. "My interest in birds just kind of happened - it's my current phase", she explains, "I enjoy creating unique pieces that reflect simplicity yet complexity - a little like me I guess - easy-going with a tad of complication!"

Blue Birds

Size: 22 x 10 x 15cm
Price: R 11 650-00

Cat's Life

Size: 40 x 10 x 17cm
Price: R 22 600-00

Leoni learned the art of bronze casting through a year long apprenticeship at an artist run foundry in the Lowveld. Thereafter she opened the doors to her own art Foundry which she co-owned for more than thirteen years. Today the Foundry is one of South Africa's largest and most revered art foundries with a stable of over sixty artists on their books.
In 2008, Leoni opened "Sculptureinc" - selling everything to do with sculpting as well as offering moulding and casting services to other artists.
Just one of this remarkable artists strengths is her creative ability in the process called patination - the application of chemicals to the heated meal to obtain the desired colour of the bronze. Her style is immediately recognizable: simple, accurate and beautiful coloured bronzes.


Lazy Time

Me Time


Bee- Eaters

Long Tailed Black Widow Bird