Catherine Christie

“When I’m in the studio, it’s the only time when I don’t think at all… the perfect meditation. Out of my mind so to speak. So, everything that is created in here must essentially come from God.” Catherine Christie 2006 “The enjoyable fascinating part about my work in the alchemistic essence of it all – how substances react when they meet and meld… flow together, what is produced in the interaction … And like the proverbial alchemist, whose studious efforts eventually lead him/her to turn base alloys, (the path of the soul) into gold, (becoming conscious) is what drives my day to day painting. I feel that my work reflects that beautiful yet arduous journey.” Catherine Christie 2006 “Caroline Christie’s spontaneous and confident manner in handling Abstraction may be compared to that of an Alchemist. The transmutation of oil paints, glazes and solvents with energy and friction form gold, rust, ice, moss, silver and fire.” Code Red Art Gallery. Perth, Australia. 2003 “Artistic endeavour, and the yearning to create, is borne of that divine spark where creator.creation.created engage with one another in a timeless dance. As we peer deeper beneath the surface of what makes us human – in amongst a number of technologically deconstructive scalpels, from decoding our genetics to probing our minds with neuroscience – a rich clear upwelling of creativity, play and fascination in “magic” & myth is bubbling through our common conscious anew. Artists who use their lives and canvasses to bridge the gap, those who remind us of the value of experimenting with raw elements around us to create something that isn’t expected.. they touch on the alchemy of evolution. Nature plays and delights in creating an ostentatious proliferation of mixed elements of colour, shape, sound, form and function to generate life. Artistic expression is our birthright. The celebration of art: wild, unbounded and magical as it should be is called forth onto Catherine’s canvasses. The paintings are powerful forces of motion, chemistry and unleashed human expression captured in a moment.” Maximillian Kaizen 2006 “Simply an inspirational woman – strong yet tender, possessing a pervasive and creative generosity of spirit that is channeled fluently from heart via hand to canvas. The output mirrors the input exactly. The works are heartfelt, energetic, vibrant and absorbing – a paragon of their creator’s special virtues.” Steven Hanson 2006 True to her appreciation of Natural Law, the nature of her style is process driven. The artist uses gravity, chemical reaction and evaporation as her allies. When handling the syrupy paints she spills, heaves, rubs, sands back, dilutes and drips. Layer upon layer of shear and translucent earthy glazes create an ambiguity of depth and floating form. Christie’s work captures the beauty of Nature. She explores and reveals the weathering effects of exposure and time – unpredictable, yet certain. There is a sense that change is constant – creation, growth, weathering, erosion, repair, decay and rebirth … The rich surfaces on her canvases reflect the cyclical processes of Life. Catherine Christie’s works have been sold to large corporate companies such as Old Mutual/Discovery, Finsource House, Irish & Ashman amongst many others. Besides taking the corporate and private world by storm, Catherine exhibits her work internationally in countries like London, Sydney, Perth, Holland and Cape Town. Due to the response from the discerning overseas art buyer, most of her paintings sold throughout the year are sent abroad. 2006 – Nominated South African Woman of the Year in Culture & Arts 2002-Going forward into the new Millenium,Catherine’s stylish flair and eye for detail resulted in her building the Catherine Christie Signature Gallery in 2003 which only showcased her famous abstract art compilations and was dubbed the most beautiful privately owned gallery in the Southern Hemisphere. Exhibitions: 2014 Two Man Show at the Gadfly Gallery in Perth,Western Australia 2013 Sibisi Gallery Solo Exhibition in Melrose Arch 2013 The White House Pop Up Exhibition in Plettenberg Bay, arranged by Jenni Button 2011 Re-Opening of the Catherine Christie Fine Art Gallery with Solo Exhibition ‘The Full Circle Series.” 2011 Invite by biggest and most prestigious gallery, The Broadway Gallery to exhibit in New York July 2011. 2010 Yardley Head Offices-Large Private body of work commissioned. 2009 SOLO Exhibition Dubai, The Gallery 2008 Solo Exhibition Fairlawns Boutique Hotel Gauteng 2007 Solo Exhibition Elements Gallery Subiaco, Perth N.A 2007 Exhibition In Tampa,Florida, Wall Street Gallery 2006 Solo Exhibition at the CCSG – Catherine Christie Signature Gallery, Hout Bay 2006 Art Basel Miami 2005 Exclusive Solo Exhibition at the Catherine Christie Signature Gallery, Hout Bay, Cape Town 2004 Solo Exhibition, Art Now Gallery, Sandton Square, Johannesburg (Sell Out) 2004 Joint Exhibition with Bruce Robertson (Top 10 chef in S.A.), Sheraton, Cape Town Waterfront 2004 Solo Exhibition in August, The Catherine Christie Gallery, Cape Town 2004 Group Exhibition, Arabella, Western Cape 2003 Group Exhibition, Chelsea Harbour, London 2003 Solo Exhibition, Code Red Art, Perth, Western Australia (Sell Out) 2003 Group Exhibition, Okha , Cape Town 2002 Group Exhibition, Pakua Design House, Cape Town 2002 Group Exhibition, Code Red Art, Perth, Western Australia 2002 Solo Exhibition, Stanley Pearl, Art Gallery, Sydney, Australia – (Sell Out) 2002 Solo Exhibition, Stanley Pearl, Art Gallery, Sydney, Australia 2001 Group Exhibition, Code Red Art, Perth, Western Australia 2001 Group Exhibition, Okha , Cape Town 2001 Group Exhibition, Pakua Design House, Cape Town 1998 Solo Exhibition “friends” (Louis Leipoldt’s Historical Barn), Newlands

Fire & Ice

A Paler Shade of White

Fire & Turquoise

Perfect Timing

White String Moon