Anton Smit

"Creation continues incessantly through the medium of man. Man emulates and assimilates nature producing poetry of word and form..." (Anton Smit)

Sculptor Anton Smit was born in the Transvaal town of Boskburg in South Africa in August 1954. He entered his first sculpting competition at the age of sixteen, and won the first prize.
Completely self-taught, the sculptor was awarded the first prize in the SA Association of Arts' New Signatures Competition in 1979. Following successful exhibitions in Nelspruit, White River, Cape Town and Pretoria, Smit turned to sculpting full-time to cope with the demand for his work by galleries and private collectors alike. With works permanently on display at the Pretoria and Pietersburg Art museums and major art galleries across the country, the artist is fast becoming one of South Africa's more important sculptors.

During 1990 international recognition came in the form of exhibitions in Rose and Milan, an invitation to exhibit in New York and Hong Kong as well as a return exhibition in Italy in 1993. More exhibitions have followed in Bonn, Washington, Singapore, Koln and Amsterdam.

"Late yestreen I saw the new moone lie, Wi the auld moone in hir arme..." he bellows low with a feigned Scottish accent, tool in hand and a twinkle in his eye. Spoken verse, the echoes of emotive lyrics and the rasping of sculptures in progress are customary sounds emitted from the studio. Larger than life, Anton Smit is the embodiment of poetry, an apt term for this sculptor, derived from the term for "making." Anton forms his own language through sculpture, the manifestation of his passion for expression and his profound Faith.