Anthony Gadd

Originally trained as a graphic artist, Anthony Gadd went on to work in advertising for 28 years, later owning and running his own advertising agency. His passion however lay in painting and drawing, so in 2005 he turned to art full-time. Originally Eastern Cape born, Anthony studied and has lived for most of his adult life in the Western Cape on the West Coast of Africa close to Cape Town. His is truly an artistic family: - he is married to artist Ann Gadd famous for her ‘sheep/ewe’ series of paintings and his daughter Tess Gadd, has recently broken into the art world, exhibiting at a number of local galleries. His work has appeared in a number of publications and he has exhibited widely in various joint and solo exhibitions annually. The most recent exhibition was at Lindy van Niekerk Gallery in a joint exhibition with Derrick van Rensburg.

What he does:

Nudes: Artist Anthony Gadd is best known for his exquisitely drafted, sensitively painted, sepia nudes. In recent years though, his semi-abstracted landscapes and seascapes have acquired increasing attention. In his sort after nudes, he shows his skills as a fine draughtsman, working in mixed media in a unique style he created in early 2006, and which continues to evolve. Captured moments in time, he breathes life into his figures, which become objects of beauty and fragility. A perfectionist, he chooses the models’ pose with the care and attention of a photographer, and any paintings he feels are not, in his eyes, achieving his goals, quickly get discarded. The paintings embody a unique style that in its colouring is reminiscent of ancient Greek art and contemporary freshness and spontaneity.

Seascapes: Anthony is also drawn to the ever-changing harsh wildness of the sea. Black patches of exposed rock adorn long stretches of isolated white beaches, catching light in exciting contrasts in his paintings, while the sea can change from an inviting turquoise to a brooding Prussian Blue in moments. All these “changes in time” are recorded on thousands of images and in his mind, to be recreated in his studio. In his art, light dances with dark, colour with monotone, in a style that encapsulates the “happy accident” – a term he uses to describe that part of painting that moves beyond his direct control.

Landscapes: In contrast to his watery seascapes, he has also followed another passion, born of a childhood spent in rural Africa. This wild vastness mirrors the iconoclastic artist not wanting to be constricted in thought or environment. The hugeness that is Africa has inspired him to create paintings that mirror this often isolated vista.


92 x 92cm


60 x 90cm


30 x 45cm

Keystone Series 1
120 x 90cm

Wild Coast

160 x 60cm

Alissa Torso

60 x 143cm

Boxed In

60 x 90cm

Deserted Beach

90 x 90cm