Adeline Joubert

Adeline (aka Jubi) Jewellery - Literally Growing up as a curly red-head was a challenge for starters. My personal defence system was humour, which grew into a passion for puns and a love for laughter. At the tender age of ten I announced my career choice after watching a TV-program on goldsmithing. My parents, however, did not take me seriously and so my journey began years later as a first year student in Fine Arts at the University of Pretoria. I realized I was missing something fundamental in my second year, and majoring in sculpture confirmed what I really wanted to do: small-scale-sculptures in metal - aka jewellery. The journey to reach that goal was a winding one, however: After finishing my degree in Archaeology I had an opportunity to go to Germany as an au-pair. Bier & Lederhosen and a good measure of travel made for an awesome time, which was extended by working in London for a year. During a moment of clarity (& Chianti) in Italy, I made the decision to move to Cape Town and enrol at CPUT (Cape Town University of Technology). One phone call to my dad, and by the time I arrived in Cape Town, he had organized everything - thanks dad! When I met Adeleen Cloete, a red-headed goldsmith herself, I knew immediately that we shared much more than just a first name. Since that day Adi and I have been sharing several workshops and in 2005 went big by opening Firepetals together. Practicality is one of the major objectives of my jewellery. I believe that everyday jewellery should be easy to wear to the point of never wanting to take it off - it should become part of the wearer's personality. I choose to give my designs a narrative and often find that they become conversation starters. My miniature sculptures are like "take-away-art" and through these I attempt to push the boundaries of conventional jewellery as far as I possibly can. Adeline (Jubi) Joubert

Beanstalk Earings

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